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Our drug addiction treatment program is designed to confiscate the old ways of life of an addict by placing them into a medically supervised therapeutic community. The system helps to eliminate stress by removing the individual from temptation and the ability to take drugs, both during the detox and rehabilitation processes. 24-hour medical supervision of the doctor during detox is provided. Clients are restricted to make contact with family and friends during the first phase of the rehabilitation process. This allows them to focus only on their recovery without disruptions from their outside world. Over the time, selected family members may be invited to take part in the visiting days or family sessions. The family sessions help to build the support that is so vital to recovering addicts once they leave the drug addiction treatment facility.

Our drug addiction treatment program is of 120 days and key features of our treatment are as following:


When a person takes a drug or consumes alcohol regularly, the body becomes accustomed to having certain levels of the substance in it.

Core Program

Once clients get through the detoxification from drugs or alcohol, they will continue through rehabilitation.


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Our Admission Process:

Our Admission Process for Drug Addiction Treatment is Simple

The admissions process for Sober Life drug addiction treatment Center is designed to help you get exactly the drug addiction treatment you or your loved ones need. We understand that reaching out for help can feel overwhelming. When you call us you will be connected to a caring, knowledgeable drug addiction treatment Consultant who will address your concerns, answer your questions and guide you through the ins-and-outs of the Treatment Center's admission process.

Our Doctor and Team

Dr. Shamim Ferdous

Physical doctor

Dr. Anupam Das


Dr. Didarul Islam

Physical doctor

Imamul Islam Rony

Director & Counselor

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